My Software

This page is technically the support site for the freeware I distribute.  I used to have a significant amount of content on here, but ever since I experienced "excessive traffic" issues with my cloud storage accounts (mainly Dropbox), I've decided to mainly use this page to host stuff that I normally don't offer elsewhere, such as on sites like

If you've downloaded one of my programs off a site like and have a question or wish to provide feedback, or if you want me to send to you directly something that I used to have on this page as well as source code I used to provide, please feel free to contact me directly via e-mail.

Anyway, feel free to check out the additional pieces of software below if you're interested.


The programs provided on this page are free.  Each piece of software is copyrighted and comes with no warranties.  Please use at your own risk.  (Every effort was made to ensure the quality of each application, however.)  If source code is provided, you may modify the program only with my permission; otherwise, I would kindly ask that you not make any changes.


I have shut down my old Yahoo e-mail account, which is where I used to direct people if they had questions or comments about my software.  From now on, please send e-mail to me at instead.


I use the site to host a lot of my content.  Some of the games that I used to have in the Windows Store have even been moved there and are now free.  Here is a list of each program; clicking on each individual link will take you directly to the corresponding page on that site.

Word Search Architect.  Lets you design and print word search puzzles.
Simple Text Locator.  Simple utility to scan for text in all files in a folder.
EKG.  Simple little graphics demo/screen saver.
5 x 5 Poker.  Poker-based game.
Ninety-Nine (99).  Card game.
Dagnabbit.  Card game based on Spades.
Screw Thy Neighbor.  Simple card game.
PB-SHUT.  The game of Shut the Box (uses dice).
Juxtapose.  Connect Four clone.
Astrosmack.  An Astrosmash clone (old Intellivision game).
Super Pac Munch.  Pac Man derivative.
Bricks and Bugs.  Breakout type of game.
Worms Love Donuts.  Cute game based on Snake or Nibbles.
Operation Rabbit Assault.  Humorous first-person shooter.
Space Barrage.  Arcade shoot-em-up.
Super Space Cadet.  Text/console-based space strategy sim.
Battle Task 2153.  Arcade shoot-em-up.


Seems like for whatever reason (I don't know if it's a Windows 10 issue or a display driver issue) three of my games -- namely, Screw Thy Neighbor, Super Pac Munch, and Worms Love Donuts -- are not switching to full-screen mode correctly (the screen goes completely black).  I do have a temporary workaround, however.  Simply turn on Windows 7 compatibility mode for these apps (it did the trick for me).  These three games were compiled with Game Maker Studio, and are the only ones at the moment experiencing this problem.


Please be aware that you might run into some problems if you try to use some of the programs that I've offered below that were written in FreeBASIC with Windows 10.  On my previous Windows 10 machine that was powered by an AMD FX-8350 CPU and a Radeon R9 280X graphics card, it seemed as if the programs "froze" once you got to the main menu.  Nothing happened when I pressed any keys, and trying to exit the program by pressing Esc didn't work either.  Even trying to open up Task Manager to sort out the mess was a pain.  The funny thing is, on my Asus Transformer Book T300 Chi, which is a 2-in-1 laptop/tablet that is also running Windows 10, these problems do not occur.

Your mileage may vary.  I am not sure what is causing these issues, but if I ever find out I will certainly correct the problems if I can and post new versions of the apps here.

(Update: I just upgraded to a new gaming rig with an Intel CPU and Nvidia graphics, and everything seems fine!)


I no longer own a Mac mini, but back when I did I ported some of the software I made to OS X.  Click here to download all of it.  An Intel Mac is required, preferably OS X 10.7 or newer.  Here is a list of what is included:

  • Word Search Architect
  • Simple Text Locator
  • Around the World
  • Astrosmack
  • Dagnabbit
  • Starport Defender
  • Alien Sizzle
  • Ninety-Nine
  • Bricks and Bugs

(Bear in mind that I can no longer offer support or upgrades for these programs, unless you have some basic general questions.)


Battle Task 2153 is an arcade game similar to Asteroids where you must shoot enemies coming at you before you run out of fuel and laser ammo.

Click HERE for the 64-bit Windows version.
Click HERE for the 64-bit Linux version.
Click HERE for the 64-bit OS X version.

5 x 5 POKER

I recently updated my poker game called 5 x 5 Poker (to version 1.20), and I compiled a version of it for Linux as well.  Click HERE to download it.

Click HERE for the Windows source code, or HERE for the Linux source.


Super Space Cadet is my latest game, a text/console-based space strategy sim.  If you've come here looking for the Linux version, you've come to the right place.

Click HERE to download the Linux version.

Click HERE to download the Windows source code, or HERE for the Linux source.


Chopper Attack is an old-school arcade shooter where you try to destroy helicopters with a turret.  You can get it from two sources -- HERE on FreewareFiles (for Windows) or click on the button below if you want to queue it for download on your OUYA Android game console.


Juxtapose is a Connect Four clone that I host on FreewareFiles, but I also have a 64-bit version.  Click HERE to download it.


This is a simple game written in FreeBASIC, but if you don't mind my saying so I think it's a clever concept and fairly addicting.  All you have to do is climb your way to the top of a series of rungs (like on a ladder, or "tiers") while avoiding the red dots moving back and forth and the left and right walls, which one by one close in on you starting from the bottom and going up.

Version 1.01 incorporates a couple of minor changes.  (Please note the possible issues with Windows 10 that I describe further up the page.)

Source code (separate download, but also included in installation package)


A new and improved version of my Whip-It puzzle emulator.  Recently I offered one that was written in Emergence BASIC, but since it seemed to no longer run correctly I ported it to QB64.  In case you don't know, Whip-It was one of the myriad puzzles of the 1980s during the Rubik's Cube craze.  The idea is to rotate and slide the colored tiles and get them to match up in each column.  Requires a mouse.

New in version 1.01 -- game settings are saved between sessions.

Want the source code?  Here it is!

Whip It Good source code


This is the first program I've ever written in Pascal, a game called Awari.  You can find the rules for the game on the web or at Wikipedia.

The goal here was to learn about Pascal, not to do anything particularly fancy.  In fact, the program uses the console text screen.  My advice is to increase the font size of the window if you think it's too small.

The source code is included, which you can open with the Lazarus editor.

Screen shot


This is a simple version of the classic game that we've all played with our friends around the basketball net.  You can play against the computer or against other human players, and you can also set the difficulty level.

Screen shot


This is a program called GRASS, otherwise known as "The GReat and Adorable Soccer Simulation."  This is a demo written in Game Maker that simulates a soccer game in an arcade, top-down fashion.  Basically all you do is watch.  You are allowed to specify the names of the two teams and the length of the game.

Screen shot


This is a simple game written in FreeBASIC in which you have to navigate mazes.  In fact, trying to see if I could create an algorithm that could generate mazes is how it all got started, and then it grew into this little game.  Not the most perfect algorithm, but it works, and I thought it would be good enough to share.  (Please note the possible issues with Windows 10 that I describe further up the page.)

Screen shot


A fairly simple space arcade shoot-em-up that starts off slowly and gradually becomes more and more frantic.

Screen shot


A simple space arcade shoot-em-up based on an old Apple ][ game called "Alien Drizzle."

Screen shot


Various little programs written in either FreeBASIC or QB64.  Use the link below the descriptions to download them all at once.

Linbow.  A graphics demo.

Pixel Pusher.  A graphics demo.
Super Squares.  A graphics demo.
Spectrum.  A graphics demo.
Logical Statement Analyzer.  Analyzes statements consisting of logical symbols/expressions.
Typing Speed Calculator.  Determines how fast you type.



These are all MS-DOS applications (you can try running them in DOSBox).  Use the link below the descriptions to download them all at once.

Super Upwards 1.38.  The game of Upwords.
Naval Engagement 1.08.  Battleship game.
Deluxe Mastermind 1.7b.  Self-explanatory, don't you think?
Ninety-Nine (99) 1.23.  The card game of 99.
Oh Shit! 1.15.  A bidding card game (similar to Spades).
Oh Rats! 1.15.  Same bidding game, cleaner name.
Whip-It 1.01.  Whip-It puzzle emulator.