Miscellaneous Apple Disk Images

I grew up with an Apple //e, and years ago I decided to take all my floppies and create disk images out of them so that I could run them with emulators like Applewin.  Nowadays it's not hard to find that kind of stuff online, but it occurred to me that I think I have some disks that might be rare, so I decided to offer them here.

I made sure that any, uh, copyright violations were not particularly egregious, in the sense that even if there are programs on these disks that might have copyright notices, the original authors couldn't possibly mind having them available for download after all these years.

So boot up Applewin, download the disks, and enjoy!

You can download them all by clicking here.  I used to list them individually, but from now on I'm just going to bundle them all together as one.  However, here is a list of everything that is included:

Disk #1
Lots of games, mostly in Integer BASIC.

Disk #2
Assorted games: Word Master, Story Builder, Math Drill, Fastgammon, Add-With-Carry, Parachute, Lightsaber Battle.

Disk #3
Sabotage, Decision Maker, Organ?, Alien Drizzle, Power Sketch, Apple Animator, Apwriter, Nerm the Worm, Reflection, Apple Banner, Animal, Trap It, Beagle Card File, One Check.

Disk #4
Convoy, Quad Solver, DOS Adjust.

Disk #5
It (a demo), Speed Demon, Car Dodger, Tic-Tac-Toe, Reflex, Apple Invader, Bells, Chords, Tweety Bird, Flip-Flop.

Disk #6
Apple Mail, Threshold, Phazer Fire, Speed Reading, Text Screen Dump, Tic Tac Toe (3-D).

Disk #7
July 1983 Softdisk Harvest (assorted programs).

Disk #8
Florida PC Library 3026 (music-related programs).

Disk #9
Florida PC Library 3076 (assorted games).

Disk #10
Florida PC Library 3084 (pinball games).

Disk #11
Florida PC Library 3123 (very good database application simply called "DB").

Disk #12
Florida PC Library 3126 (Nifty Works -- a word processor?).

Disk #13
Florida PC Library 3135 (Print Shop Graphics Viewer 2).

Disk #14
Florida PC Library 3138 (more music-related stuff).

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